Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Well hi again! I have something awesome to tell you guys! The ever sweet Mina Bergiere, who owns Mimi Gaufrette - has asked me and my wifey, Jennah Jinx... to be bloggers for her adorable little store! She had been so happy to see Jennah and I model her amazingly cute outfits last week (Here!) - that she IMed us both and asked! I think I can speak for the both of us when I say how excited and happy we both are to be able to do this! So make sure you all go check out Mina's store like PRONTO, because it's totally adorable. Anyway, once a week or so, Jennah and I will model and blog some of the outfits from the store, on both of our blogs (Check out Jennah's blog!)

Today's blog post features one of Mina's newest outfits, Noemie. The moment I saw it, I adored it. With it's adorable little ruffled shorts, and the cute patterns. I decided to pair it with some shoes I picked up from Clair de Lune just the other day, and just like that I had an outfit together. This outfit comes in three colors, and can work with tots as well, provided that you like to mod. If not, well you'll just end up with an adorable dress instead, like Jennah seen below. So, make sure you check out these new outfits and more at one of the links below!

On Nara:
Outfit: Mimi Gaufrette - Noemie 1
Shoes: .Clair de Lune. So Liberty - Pink
Hair: [Love Soul] Hair*104*Auburn
Glasses: [Quantum] Anime glasses

On Jennah:
Outfit: Mimi Gaufrette - Noemie 2
Hair: [e] Soft - Blondes

Also, I am looking to redesign my blog a bit, and I may need some help - so if you have any ideas or are interested in lending a hand, then message me or comment below! Anyway - I leave you with an awesome song from an awesome musical. You'll also probably know it from WALL-E!

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