Wednesday, March 21, 2012

vintage. my secret garden

Woohoo for blogging randomly and failing on keeping up with the color challenge! But right now I have something extra cute to share! The other day, i was checking my flickr and a lady named Mimi Gaufrette had added me. Me doing what I usually do when people add me, went to look at her photostream and I saw that she had these adorable children clothes that had a certain vintage style to them. Now as many of you know, I don't often wear kid clothes, as I like to mix and match with big people clothes and such. One thing I LOVE is the vintage style. it will always be one of my favorite styles, and as you can imagine, me finding a vintage store that had clothes for kids just had me super happy. I had commented on one of the photos, and the owner later found me in world and messaged me and oh my gosh was she nice. And so all of these led me to here, with my best friend, Jennah - showing off two of the outfits that Mimi sells for children. If you like anything to do with the vintage style, then I highly suggest you visit. She also sells clothes for adults as well! (Note my hair... yeah i plan on going on and on about that hair next post)

On Nara
Dress: Mimi Gaufrette - Lili 1 (Tights not included)
Shoes: FROM [C*K] Emilee in Lavender
Necklace: (yummy) Secret Garden Locket
Hair: *Dura-Girl*31(Brown)
Glasses: [Quantum] Anime glasses

On Jennah
Hair: booN FNQ123 hair blonde
Tights: [PS] Ballerina - Purple
Dress: Mimi Gaufrette - Pauline 3
Shoes: [PS] Dolly- White

Squee! I love finding new designers! Anyway thank you to Jennah Jinx for posing with me and now I leave you guys with one of my favorite songs from Annie.

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