Friday, March 9, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Folly

Woohoo for falling behind yet again! I blame the gazillions of events I signed my store up for in Second Life recently, and the fact that I couldn't seem to think of anything for any of them so I spent hours sitting on my building platform, trying and failing to make things. THANKFULLY, I finished all my items for the Glitter Spring Festival, which starts tomorrow. Now I have to work on my items for the Live Laugh Love fair which I believe starts the end of next month (?) - Anyway, another reason this post is so late, is because I am not a fan of pink, I don't wear pink and I don't own pink. Well a lot of it anyway. I spent forever trying to find some sort of pink item on the marketplace, only to be really picky and finally give up a couple of hours later. I then decided to look into my inventory, and see if by some rare chance, I had something that resembled a hot pink color... and I found THIS! One of my favorite rockstar outfits I've ever owned that I completely forgot about. It was an item at the Kid Room from the Candii Kitten store. So I decided this was the perfect time to blog it, combined with the rockstar pose set that I had gotten at The Kid Company for 50 linden friday just a few weeks ago. Yay! Now let's see if i can catch up to the rest of the colors, eh?

Outfit: [C*K] Hanna Rockstar Outfit - (Former TKR item)
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*016*Auburn
Microphone/Pose Set: the kid company. rockstar. (Former 50 linden friday set)

I shall leave you with an awesome eighties song, because my Momma pointed out that i looked like a eighties rockstar. And I am totally okay with that!

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