Thursday, March 1, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Alice Blue

Hello! I've decided to redo the Alice Blue week, as I found something one better, and much more me then some frilly poofy dress! Now let's all ignore the fact that I am now three weeks behind (Maybe even 4, i have no clue at this point) and try and get on with this cute little post. I recently was searching the marketplace for god knows what and I came across this kids store called Clair de Lune. Now as many of my loved ones know, I don't often wear kid clothes, and if I do, I mod it and add my own flair to it... but this store has to be one of the more original and cutest little kids store I've found and to make it all better, all her outfits are around 50 linden! The style of the store is a bit vintage, artsy and just plain adorable. I am urging all you kids out there who like to shop to check this store out and I promise you will not be disappointed. Myself, I've bought more then half the store so far and my favorite outfit from it has to be this one. It's so very me, and goes with my new favorite hair very well.


Hair: [e] Abbey - Carrot Reds
Outfit: .Clair de Lune. Dancing Around - Blue
Shoes: {elsewhere} Academy - Ballet Shoes (From a dance school now closed)

Joy, I get the pleasure of blogging again tomorrow if I remember! I get to blog a HOT PINK LIKE COLOR! OH MY GOD! Yes it's a big deal for me. I dislike pink. Anyway I leave you now with a song by one of my all time favorite actress's and the for my inspiration for my style.

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