Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Pose Fair 2012

Well this post is needless to say, LATE. But sadly I was bed ridden most of the week, gone all the weekend before and so very busy the past day or so that I wasn't bed ridden, trying to throw things together at the last moment for the upcoming Live Laugh Love Fair. I'm about ready to fall over. I had such a great post planned for this, and sadly I didn't get to do any of the things I wanted to do for it. But here we go, a partial, not so good post on the amazingness that is the Pose Fair 2012.

The pose fair has now been open for about 6 days now and I'm sure many of you have found some of the amazing things it has to offer. Above I've pictured just a few of the favorites that I was able to pick up in my brief time there on the blogging day. I can tell you, I had a hard time picking out just what I wanted with the limited funds I had set aside for this. In the end of course, I could NOT resist the collab piece between Cheeky Pea and Glitterati. It practically screamed at me to buy it, it called out to my nerd self. Because yes, I do have interest in things like boffing and Dungeons and Dragons in real life - cosplaying and all those sorts of things. How could I NOT get it?! They even provided some to give to your friend, so I decided to drag poor Jennah to the beach and have a little fight with her. 

Then there were the two adorable mom poses from The Kid Company, which my dear Meme and my little Kia Kia helped me pose with. Also from The Kid Company is the cute freebie prop/pose - with the hearts. Adorable, sad and sweet all at the same time. 

I have another post after this with more single poses I got and such, but I hoped this little post has been dandy for you - below is the SLURS if you wanna go check out any of these!

This is a full and complete list of all SLURLS.


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