Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Live.Laugh.Love Fair

As many of you know by now, The Live.Laugh.Love fair opened up just the other day. It's a large fair, full of many talented designers and builders - run by Cindy Lu and Riley Sapphire. It's running for two weeks, with many events planned, from singers performing, to picnics, a silent auction, a live auction, an adoption day and so much more. This entire event, this year is benefitting 'Austism Speaks' to raise awareness for such disorders. So far they have raised almost 200k in lindens. Below is just one of the many amazing items available at the fair. Over the course of a week, I'll be blogging various outfit from the various kid stores, as well as showing off some other fun items that I've picked up! It's gonna be a very fashionable and fun filled week for me! Make sure you come to the fair and check it out, donate and have fun! Oh and make sure you stop by my store as well! 

Hair: booN FNQ123 hair chestnut
Outfit: ~* Larnia Kids *~ ruffles romer (black)

Until next time! I shall leave you with a song from 'Chicago' as this adorable romper reminds me or something from that era! Enjoy! 

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