Sunday, November 20, 2011

winter. with a dash of style

Hi everyone! Guess what time it is? IT'S ALMOST WINTER TIME, CHRISTMAS TIME AND HAPPINESS TIME! YAY! Mmm. I guess you can tell that I love Christmas and winter, right? Well todays post is a look I had originally planned to blog like... two weeks ago, but I been sick, and busy and oh my gosh the list goes on and on. So, now that I finally got to the blog post, let me tell you all about it! My amazingly awesome Aunty Maddie Jyraffe who is the owner of Rawr Muffins, made this adorable winter outfit and named it after ME! Never had I had the honor of getting an outfit named after me! I feel oh so special and thankful to my Aunty Maddy (Also I LOVE YOU AUNTY CAYDENCE) Maddie was done the outfit soon after she told me she was making it, and she kindly sent it to me, and I of course tried it on as soon as I could. It's an adorable sweater dress, paired with boots and sock, perfect for a winter style. I dug through my ever growing inventory and tugged out an old pair of scarf and gloves that I had gotten for Christmas last year and tugged on my hat and voila, a complete winter outfit!

Outfit (Boots included): [RM] Nara Outfit
Scarf and Gloves: *LC* K -Stocking Stuffer Scarf & Mittens (chest)
Hair (Hat included): >TRUTH< Snow Kitty (Holiday Gift!)

Well, here is my new post, done and finished - finally! I'll be back as soon as possible for more cute things! Here is the song of the day!

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