Saturday, January 7, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Champagne

Well, my gosh! Hello everyone and Happy New Years! I can hardly believe that it's 2012 already and wow, has things changed in the last year. I guess you can say that I am more then ready to start this new year off, and I am determined to make it a darn good year! I've kind of promised myself that I will actually blog more this year, unlike last year, where I kept saying that I'll blog ALL the time, then I end up blogging like once every other month. That's me, totally winning. So this time, I am blogging once a week, for Luna Jubilee's new 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. I saw her original color challenge last year, and I really wanted to do it, but everyone was already a couple of weeks in, so I decided to wait, in hopes that she'd do another one someday and TADA! So without further adieu, let's start off the new year with a cute little blog post about the color of Champagne.

I've looked at others post for this color, and they're all mostly about bringing in the new year in some amazingly beautiful gown, with of course, a glass of champagne. Now, I cannot do these things, as I am a KID AVATAR! And from what I've seen, I must be on of the very few kid avatars doing this. So I have this amazing challenge of finding either adult clothes that will fit us kids and make us even cuter, or finding an adorable kid outfit from one of the many talented designers in the kid world of Second Life. So, I started my search for something that resembled the Champagne color, and gosh, did I have some trouble. I actually sort of, gave up for awhile. It was by chance that I noticed a dress in my inventory that I had bought a few weeks ago from a small store near Love Soul. I hadn't even worn it yet, heck I couldn't even remember what it looked like, so I tried it on, and to my surprise, it was actually super close to the color I needed for this post. Well by gosh, I had an outfit after all! I went through my inventory and through on some leggings from my inventory that said they were 'Champagne' colored, put on my big glasses, tied my hair up and through on my little shoes and voila. My adorable little old fashion child style.

Dress: [bonne chance!] Paper Doll Dress Ivory Dots
Shoes: *Edelweiss* School Loafer
Glasses: [Quantum] Anime glasses
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*113*Auburn
Tights: JANE - lil piggies champagne

It feels so great to have done a new post. I also got to showcase my new hair color! I went GINGER! Well, I'll see you guys next week! Oh and here is the song of the week, from my favorite artists ever. So pretty!

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