Wednesday, November 9, 2011

soft. with a touch of boho

Hello everyone, happy November! I can hardly believe that winter is almost upon us, but boy do I have some fun posts coming up, just for winter! I have a love hate relationship with winter myself... Snow is very pretty and all, but it's to cold, but sledding, making snowmen, and snowball fights make up for that fact! Oh and you can't forget curling up in some cozy blankets with hot chocolate after a long day of playing in the snow! But eh, why am I going on about winter?! I have a post to get to. Today I am blogging one of my favorite BAREROSE outfits that I picked up awhile ago and I totally forgot to blog it! I figured hey, I'm blogging today about this new hair anyway, so why not throw this outfit on for it? Which brings me to the point of this whole post, the hair. Collabor88 put out their new things the other day and of course [e] has this totally adorable hair there, that I bet every kid in our kid community is wearing right now.... just saying.

Hair: [e] Soft - Essentials Collection
Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Ayaka
Scarf: * (Creamshop) Check charm stole (grey) set (Store is closed sadly)
Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 - SENTINEL

Mm. I already have a post for tomorrow done, can you believe that? I'm also gonna go back and redo all my older posts photos because... they are bad. Anyway toodles, I will leave you with this great song today!

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