Saturday, October 29, 2011

trick or treat. sleeping koala

With Halloween just a few days away, we have stores coming out with so many goodies to celebrate, and there is such a wide variety of things as well! One of these stores is Sleeping Koala, owned by the fabulous SleepingKoala Resident. I had the honor of being able to blog some of her new stuff that she has made for Halloween! Squee! Thank you Miss Evelyn! Everyone knows how much I love Halloween, despite my severe lack of Halloween posts this year (BAD NARA, BAD!) But I've not had many things to blog this year that I didn't already blog last year in my old blog! Today I chose an old costume however, to go with her items - I still adore this costume just as much as when I bought it! So along with the costume, I have a cute candy bucket, that says 'GIMMIE CANDY NAO!' and I love it, the textures look nice and there are several varients of this bucket as well... some with candy in it, some with pumpkins in it, different holds for them... The owner thought of everything! Also available at her store, is the super cute Apple Bucket, with several sitting poses... You all l know how much I love props, furniture and decorations, so you can imagine how much I love this prop. Also note the cute chunk bracelets in Halloween colors. Also another great thing from Sleeping Koala! All items are available at the Trick or Treat Family Event happening tomorrow!

Hair: [e] Lasting 2 - Brown 08
Costume: ~* Larnia Kids *~ bee costume
Bracelets: [Sleeping Koala] - Halloween Bracelets [Group Gift] 
Props: [Sleeping Koala] - Bucket of Apples [Unisex] 
[Sleeping Koala] - Candy Bucket [Unisex]
[Sleeping Koala] - Gimmie Candy Nao! Bucket [Unisex]
[Sleeping Koala] - Pumpkin Bucket [Unisex]

Oh also... in other news. I was messing around with my Second Life settings, in a better attempt to make my blog all nice looking. I tried shadows! They come out decently, considering my graphics card isn't really all that amazing. I'm not sure if I will continue with this style, but it's something I tried out. I followed Luna Jubilee's awesome blog bootcamp about photography, windlight settings and other such things, and they really helped me! Check it out here!

Well here is the song of the day. I HOPE YOU ARE ALL READY FOR HALLOWEEN!

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