Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Oh well hello everyone! I'm sorry for the random hiatus, but I had some Second Life trouble, and I couldn't bring myself to blog as much as I would of liked. Now I'm so sad that I missed a couple days of blogging when it's this awesome month full of amazing outfits and things. BAH! But I have put together a short, but amazingly cute post today to make up for it, and I have an awesome interior post coming up soon as well! So anyway today, I was going around doing my Choice Stamp things (http://choicesl.com/) and I came across HPMD. Now I had only just recently heard of this place from my god sissy, Tuesday - she had gotten me a cute little outfit the other day, and I loved it so much, but I totally spaced on checking out the actual store. So when I got there and saw this amazing cute pumpkin dress right out front, I just had to get it. I put it right on and now I refuse to take it off. it's safe to say that I think I've found my costume for this year... ah if only I could get it in real life, eh? Now when I went to figure out what else to wear with it, I decided to try out my new vampire skin, that I got at Collabor 88 from Illusory. I'm not a very big vampire fan at all, but the skin was so cute, and I have a weakness for all of these types of things on Halloween. the skin looked pretty darn cute with them pumpkin outfit, plus the outfit had bat wings and a bat tail already so it worked!

Skin: [Ill] Illusory - Skin_Paige - Bite Me
Outfit: HPMD* Pumpkin Dress - yellow / brown
Skull: GLITTERATI - Witch
Eyes: <<< np >>> ELFIN EYES - White Out
Hair: Kin-Mairi-[Black]

Ah gosh I love this holiday. Now here is the song of the day from my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus!

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