Wednesday, September 28, 2011

vintage with a flair of autumn.

Hello! I'm back today, with one of my favorite outfits. Autumn is just about on us, and that means it's time to bring out the sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, scarves and so much more. I love autumn, and once October starts I'm going to dive right into so many styles to blog for you all! But there's still two more days left until that starts so until then I'll just random things, because that's what I do best. Today I'm showing you my favorite sweater, as mentioned somewhere above. The sweater with the scarf combination has been something I've worn many many times, and now that it's actually autumn again, I have an excuse for wearing it. I bought it from yumyum, which is one of my favorite stores when it comes to autumn. My hair, I'm iffy about... I love it, but I think it looks strange on little me.

Hair: !lamb. Girlfriend In A Coma - Snickers
Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 - SENTINEL
Sweater: **DP**yumyum linen pullover (brown)
Scarf: couverture*lace stole >Pink
Legging: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. Pants (*{ SeVered GarDeN }* Berit Brown)
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 (Boxed)
Gloves: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. Gloves (*{ SeVered GarDeN }* Berit Brown)

Here is one of my favorite songs. I shall be back tomorrow with even more fashion styles and other fun things!

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