Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Oh hello again! I'm here to bring yet another fun and exciting interior design blog post! These posts are super fun to me, and I just love having an excuse to go out and buy new houses and furniture all the time! Today I'm finally blogging my room, which I posted a photo of on flickr last month, but I never got to blog it until now! When we first moved into this amazing new home, I immediately called dibs on this specific room. It was very me and I knew I'd have fun with it one way or another... but it ended up being tougher then I though! I must of changed everything five million times and I kept switching beds and pulling things in and out of my inventory... it was insane. But in the end, I finally got THIS!

I'm super duper proud to present one of my favorite rooms of all time!

Couch: [*Art Dummy!] bohemian summer
Cushion: Gritty Kitty: Polaroid Chair
Rug: [croire] rugs from the attic
Poster: [North West] Vintage Poster V (sheik)
Record Shelves: [FSR]Samba Soul/[FSR]French Pop LP's Shelf
TV/Gaming System: Tv & Betamax v 2.1/Atari 2600 'Stella'
Coloring Pad: Sweet Baby - Animated Coloring Set 2
Lights: LISP - Fairy Stars
Lamp: Sir Jeremy Bulb Planter
Desk/Chairs: {theosophy} Garvagh Table/{theosophy} Garvagh Stool s
Computer: <(wonderkids)! computer
Books: .:TS:. My Baby Books from Mom
Desk Accessories: .:TS:. Petal Desk Lamp/.:TS:. Super old clock/.:TS:. Pencil jar (From Katie's Bedroom Set)
Shelf: Sassafras Kids- Memories in Pink-Shelf Thingamagig
Bulletin Board: -RC- Picture Cork Board
Stuffed Animals/Snack Box/Games/Treasure Box: All from Sassafras Kid's Closest
Books: {what next} Books for Boatbookcase
Tea Set: .:TS:. Colab Tea Party Set
Posters: [North West] Vintage Poster VI (lands)/[North West] Vintage Poster IV (leeuwarden)
Table: { what next } Sideboard
Chairs: Second Spaces - Kawaii Chair 
Puzzles/Drawings/Books: By Georgia!  - Kids Room Clutter (SLX)
Box/Jars: Sassafras Kids- Green Dot Box of Stuff/Sassafras Kids- Canister of Beads
Poster: [North West] Vintage Poster VI (berliner)
Bed: LISP - Amelie Bed
Hope Chest: Tiny Spaces - Katie's Birthday Bedroom (Katie's Hiding Place)
Sidetable: LISP - Amelie Stripey Table
Sidetable Accesories:
Wall Poster: .:TS:. Smile Memory Board
Shelf: LISP - Amelie Moulded Shelf 
Stars: [W] Starry Night Ceiling Stars
Poster: [North West] Vintage Poster V (van houten)
Cabinet: [what next] SweetDreams Armoire
Model: {what next} Paperdoll Mannequin 
Boxes: [what next] SweetDreams  Hat Boxes
Rug: Sassafras Kids- Memories in Pink-Lg Friend Rug

Well there you go, my room! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I shall be back soon with even more interior posts!

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