Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I've been very bad about blogging and such lately, but today I have a awesome fall interior design post to treat you all with! Now I love the fall, like really love and I am so glad that it's just about here, I have so many wonderful ideas and just ah! Exciting! The other day while I was browsing flickr, I came across an ad for a group gift from a new store called, Honey I'm Home. The gift, was this adorable little fall cottage and I fell in love with it right away. Right now the store has two other little houses, and I plan on decorating those when I get them too. Note* I modded the house a bit by copying a wall and putting it in the middle of the second room, so that I could have a nice little bedroom.

House: [HiH] Red Twig Cottage (Group Gift)
Pumpkins: Schadenfreude Happy Jack's
Pumpkin Carving Table: Cozy Homes ~*Country Side Collection*~ Pumpkin Carving Activity Table
Rug: {what next} Laurel Rug
Frames: {what next} Forever Autumn Print
Bedroom Set: Tiny Spaces - Nara's Colorful World
Laundry Basket: Cozy Homes ~ Laundry Basket
Teddy Bear: Sassafras Kids-The Kids Room Teddy bear
Photo Collage: =IZUMIYA=Photographs/Colorful
Rug: [croire] rugs from the attic
Folding Screen: Zigana* Folding screen
Couch: LISPz Tartan Sofa
Cushion: {what next} Laurel Ottoman
Guitar: LISP - Kumbyargh Guitar
Fireplace/Logs: {what next} Laurel Fireplace/{what next} Laurel Log Basket
Light: {what next} Laurel Chandelier
Chair: The Loft - Artisan Chair Orange
Curtains: {what next} Laurel Drapes
Fridge: The Loft - Castara Fridge
Counter: The Loft - Castara Buffet/The Loft - Castara Kitchen Sink Unit
Stove: The Loft - Castara Stove  Red
Microwave: *TB* Microwave White 
Table: The Loft - Aphrodite Garden Table
Chairs: {what next} Maison chair
Table toppings: The Loft - Bucket of Daisies+Lemonade
Oranges: {what next} Bowl of  Oranges
Clock: The Loft - Stefan Clock White
Groceries: Cozy Homes - Bag of Groceries
Lights: LISP - Fairy Stars

I had a lot of fun putting this together and I hope to start doing more and more interior in the future. Until then, I hope everyone has a great start of the fall!

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