Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hogwarts: Your Story

Holy gosh, a Harry Potter frenzy has been going on all over the place since the last movie came out! Everywhere you look, there is something Harry Potter related! (Not that I'm complaining mind you.) We have Pottermore of course, which started it's early registration for beta users on Harry's birthday just a couple of days ago. So while we were all going crazy over that, something else popped up! Now I had known about Harry Potter RP's on Second Life for awhile, but I've always been busy with the kid world. But on plurk, I noticed my god sissy, posting about something called 'Hogwarts: Your Story'. Now me, being a giant nerd with all things Harry Potter, of course started looking it up, and finding everything out that I could about this new and exciting RP. Hogwarts: Your Story is set 20 years after the events of the Harry Potter series. There is currently a beautiful castle being built (From what I've seen on Flickr!) by a group of talented creators. The leader of the project goes by the name Hogwartsyourstory and if you look them up, you can find the group in their profile with open enrollment where you can keep updated on this upcoming rp! You will find the rules and applications in the group notices, where it asks to fill out many different things about your character. You can choose your house, your year, your age, your blood status and your wand. I sat down for hours, writing up stuff on my character, and I was more excited by the minute! By now, my plurk timeline was exploded with everyone talking about it! Many of us kid avies, are signing up for this and I'm super excited to see everyone there! I plan on doing a photo series of Evelyn's life, including pictures of her mother and father, pictures of her and her cousin and just her life leading up to her Hogwarts letter.

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Name: Evelyn 'Evie' Nightingale
Age: 11.
Year: First.
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Satus: Half-Blood.
Family: Leander 'Anders' Nightingale [Father] Melody Nightingale [Mother; Muggle; Deceased] and Toren Bluebird [Cousin; Pureblood]
Wand: Birch.Unicorn Tail. 9 /12.

Her story:
Evelyn grew up a happy child, always playing with her beloved dad and befriending any animals that came by their cottage. She was often found coloring or drawing around the house, or reading in strange books in strange places. She was a quirky child, always wearing her hair in strange ways, and talking to animals, but her dad loved her dearly and all her quirks. In many ways she was her mothers daughter, with her love for art and nature, and she even had her fathers traits as well, with her love for stories. She often made up stories with her cousin, Toren and they'd draw pictures together of stories they made up. Toren had been her only friend growing up, but she never complained. Evelyn of course knew what magic was, her father had often amused her from a young age with charms and transfigurations. So when she recieved her Hogwarts letter, she couldn't of been happier that she was just like her father.

Her father's story: 
Leander 'Anders' Nightingale was from a wealthy and powerful Pureblood family. From a young age though, it was clear he was not like the rest. He had been sorted into Hufflepuff, for his kindly nature, and excelled at Transfiguration and a number of his other studies. When he finished his time at Hogwarts, he had a job lined up at the Ministry and an arranged marriage to a younger slytherin girl from a wealthy family. During one of his many ventures into the muggle world for books, he met a young muggle artist, named Melody Fray, who was working at a local bookstore. He was enchanted by her, and her by him and soon after they began to date. It wasn't soon after that he ran from his family and arranged marriage, and eloped with Melody. They moved to Greece, where the lived together for five years in happiness. However all good things must come to an end. Melody became pregnant with her first baby and due to complications and Melody's weak body, she died in childbirth. Leanders was heartbroken, but decide to instead live for his daughter, whom he named Evelyn after Melody's favorite character from a story. Soon after, Leander's moved back to the wizarding world, and found a small, cozy cottage in the countryside, where he took up writing. For many years it was just him, Evelyn and his books, but when Evelyn was just five years old, he got an unexpected vistor. His little sister. It had been years since he last seen her and he had no idea how she found him, but there she had been, holding the hand of a little boy. She begged him to take care of her son, saying that she couldn't take care of him for reasons she couldn't explain to him. Leanders, of course agreed, having always a soft spot for his little sister, who had also been different like him. She thanked him and said her last goodbyes to little Toren and then she was gone. From then on Toren lived with them and became a best friend to Evelyn.

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