Sunday, July 24, 2011

Naraelina's Interior Design

So as many of you know, I'm way into decorating in the wonderful world of Second Life. I've been doing it more and more lately, and I've been posting them on FLICKR. I was asked if I would blog them and such, and that seems like a great idea to me! So this is going to be a post about my newest room design, inspired by summertime colors and styles! This room came out pretty cute, though I don't like it as much as some of my other ones. It's a colorful room full of so many different things. I'm pretty sure at least one thing from each of my favorite stores are crammed in here.

Nook: Little Boxes Fairytale Nook - The Seasons Hunt (Summer)
Window: [*Art Dummy!]  Old Window (decor)
Couch: [*Art Dummy!] bohemian summer (pink couch) 
Rug: Puzzle Rug - (Get it here)
Side Stand: Loft Kidz  - Poem End Table Sage 1 (The Loft)
Lamp: Sir Jeremy Bulb Planter (LISP)
Ceiling Stars: [W] Starry Night Ceiling Stars (Whimzie by Lishi™)

Bed: [*Art Dummy!] and in summer fall (outdoor loft bed w/lanterns) - The Seasons Hunt (Summer)
TV & Nintendo: [Stank] Game Night Box
Beanbag: Loft Kidz  - Beanbag 9 Colors 2 
Laundry Basket: Laundry Basket (Cozy Homes)
Flower Rug: Loft Kidz  - Cut out Rug
Toybox: Loft Kidz  - Plastic Toy Chest
Games: [croire] game board cluster
Boxed Games: board games (Dahaus) & pile o' games (Second Spaces)
Elephant: ! Sassafras Kids ! Frannie the 'Lalafant
Cushions: {what next} Soft Blue Floor Pillow
Pictures and Canvas: =IZUMIYA=Photographs/Light(1.5*1.5) & =IZUMIYA=Photographs/Colorful(1.5*1.5) & =IZUMIYA=Canvas/Daytime
Books: <(wonderkids)! harry potter story time
Lanterns: LISP - Mixed Lanterns copyable style 1

Dresser: Loft Kidz - Dresser Lilac 1
Lamp: LISP - His Lamp
Snacks: ::KeWt KiDs:: Basket full of snacks!
Poster: [W] Keep Calm and Grow a Mustache Poster RARE (Whimzie by Lishi™)
Shoes: Sassafras Kids- Pink Plaid Slippers & Sassafras Kids- Dark Blue Flipflops (Available in Sassafras Kids-My Own Closet)
Record Shelf: [FSR]Samba Soul (Fabulous Soul Club)
Bulletin Board: -RC- Picture Cork Board
Music Posters: [croire] my favorite bands

Desk: :CP: Kawaii Cupcake Desk (Cheeky Pea old hunt gift)
Shelves: -G[b]R- Shelf (Gigglebox Group Gift)
Boxes: Available in Sassafras Kids-My Own Closet
Games & Stuffed Animals: Available in Sassafras Kids-My Own Closet
Trophies: Camp Hardknock - Winter 2011 Award - Naraelina Ordinary & Camp Hardknock - Winter 2011 Award - Cabin 2 (Camp yay!)

Stage: {creamshop} Mini theater set (Store is closed now :c)

This is one of my favorite things I've ever gotten in SL. My stage! I almost always have it out and I love to show off with it. (*Points Above*) See. I have fun with it. 

Costume: *Boof. Tree Disguise

That's all for this weeks interior design post. If you have any questions about where to find something or other such things, contact me in world at Naraelina Ordinary, or plurk me, or even comment here and I'll see if I actually notice I got a comment! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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  1. Very nice read, and such a `mazing room! Thank you for sharing!