Tuesday, February 15, 2011

POTD: Cuddles and Squishes

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing day! Today is pose day, yay! I have more then a couple poses to show off to everyone ~ they're all amazingly cute, and I had fun hanging around with Nana that morning and doing epically cute pictures! Ain't we amazing? So the first pose is from Lovely Smiles and it's 72. It's an amazingly adorable one where your family member is kneeling down and you kishing them RIGHT on the nose... or your about to eat their nose... Hehe. The one next to it is from Glitterati Family, and I believe it's called Secrets, unless my memory fails me... I need to get on Second Life and check I think... er anyway, I plopped Nana down in the front pathway in the dirt and made her pose with me, then I told her... it's a secret! Anyway... NEXT is from Sassafras - and it's super adorable, it comes with a cute little rocking chair and a night stand with a light on it. You have your Momma or Daddy or Aunt or Nana sit down and then you plop on their laps and your ready for some relaxing time! For the picture, I set it out on big me's front porch, and made it outdoorsy! The second pose is from Lovely Smiles and it's 110. Nana pulled it out and I really adored it - she is totally squishing me - my eyeballs are popping out, don't you see? Waha yeah that's my super awesome pose of the day post - you guys are totally spoiled - I did FOUR poses! I'll post the SLURS later when I get home!

So that's my post for the day! But I am so so excited to work on tomorrows - I've changed Wednesdays from Decoration to Big Me LOTD! Now I get to show off BIG ME! Anyway I am off to finish my day, and then tonight is my first day of classes at OSE! I'm in Miss Danni's Class and Miss Jill's class and I am super duper excited! See you all tomorrow! Much love!

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