Thursday, January 27, 2011

POTD: Snuggle

Hello hello! So it's THURSDAY! So that means it's POSE OF THE DAY! YAY! Excitement. Well... I've actually not been on SL in a few days at all. It's been one of those busy weeks where I just do not have the time! I actually had a busy day today, but I managed to finish it all, and drag myself on Second Life before drifting off to sleep. I logged on, and looked around but no one was around. Sad face. So I got myself kidnapped by mine amazing Nana and Papa, and forced them to be my pose buddies. They had no choice, I had their cookies hostage. Waha. Today the pose I'm using  "Glitterati Poses - Snuggle - Mom + dad + kid" Which is a super adorable pack, with a couple different variations. I'm only blogging one tonight, because of the immense lag I'm having for some reason. But anyway, this doesn't always have to be a family but it is good for god families, and grandparents, etc etc as well. I think it's a super adorable pose, but I'm not sure it's sold anymore. I'd say it's still on SLX somewhere.... fail blogger is fail. Bad Nara.

Notice the amazingly beautiful background. My Nana lives in the prettiest place ever! Hah just sayin! Er... GOODNIGHT LOVELIES! I will see you tomorrow with the LOTD!

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