Tuesday, January 25, 2011

POTD: Headshot

Hello everyone! Boy am I tired! I made the mistake of staying up until...it must of been three am or something and I had to wake up at six am! I'm pretty worn out, and I was planning on doing this right when I got home, but I got distracted...then my amazing family brought us on vacation in SL! Imagine that, my first ever family vacation! But...that's a story for another post! Today I'm bring you the POSE OF THE DAY! Today is the new GLITTERATI - Headshot 3 ~ I got it in the blogger pack during camp, but sadly I had no no time in camp to blog it, so it's rather late! Now as many know, I am a photographer and I love to take pictures. Especially headshots! So I 'm more then happy to show these off, and use them in the future. They're just to darn perfect for me! This is available at Glitterati now for 50 per single pose, and 250 for the whole pack!

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