Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Many Faces of...

I'm rewriting this now that my AMP Energy has worn out and I can actually think straight instead of spitting out a rambling mess.

I've been playing this game for five and a half years now, and on friday, I hit the one year mark for my avatar, Naraelina Ordinary. Over the years, I've had many avatars, all with similar names. I was always Kaeyena, once I was Maki, and even once I was Nabai and Elphie and now I'm Naraelina and Hushed. By now many of you known me on one avatar or the other. And as a couple of you knew, back in my days of being Kaeyena, I was underage. But that was a long time ago and now I've graduated High School and I've embarked on journey of life. During all these changes I've somehow managed to stick around Second Life. The reason to stick around a game THAT long? It's simple really... I never considered Second Life a game really, but rather a world where I was accepted, where I had true friends, people who listened, people who I shared laughs and tears with. I was able to be myself and break out of my shell that I was always closed up in real life. For someone as painfully shy as I am, it was an incredible feat. People got to see my hyper, although a bit strange self. And some even liked me enough to stick around! (Hehe.) I've made so many close relationships through Second Life. People who have had a huge impact on my life, who have helped pick me up when I had fallen down and people who provided a shoulder for me to cry on. I've made many friends, and I've lost many friends. I've had more then a couple of families, and I've lost them. But each and every person that I've ever had the chance of getting to know holds a spot in my life, are special to me. Even the crazy dramatic people, who have made me a stronger and wiser person. I've pretty much grown up on Second Life. That might sound a bit bad, but it's helped me. I've made mistakes, I've made hard choices, but I was able to learn and grow from these. Now that I'm starting my journey, I'm not sure how much I'll still be around, but I know that I will always have time to come on and spend time with those I love. So thank you so much to everyone who has supported me, kept secrets for me, held me up, talked to me, made me laugh, shared memories and smiles with me... You guys have made my years on Second Life amazing.

Families that I will always remember and cherish.
- The Endrizzi Family - Deimos Endrizzi & Brigitte Galicia.
- The Burks Family - Vernice Burks & Bryce Bowdit.
- The Silvercloud Family - Tink3rb3ll Silvercloud.
- The Yue Family - Mark Yue, Brittany Nap, Staci Vanbeck and Calista Markova.
- The Soup Family - Emmma Soup. (God Mama)
- The Melune Family - Panda Magic & Derek Melune.
- The Ulrik Family - AJ Ulrik. (God Daddy)

Friends who have known me all these years.

- Izzi Maven. We've seen it all tgoether, you were my best friend and I miss you.
- Minx Hailey. My Auntie forever and always.
- Armina Balough. My buddy. I miss you!
- Brendon Papp. My amazing buddy. I may have lost contact with you, but we had fun.
- Brittany Nap. My first sister, my first best friend and still someone I cherish time with.
- Vivi Raymaker. Close friend, I miss you so much.

Family & Friends.

- The Kovacs Family - Brie Pinazzo, Walter Kovacs & Haylee Jean (As well as Aunty Maddie and my cousins.) Words cannot express how much I care for each of you, especially my Nana, Brie Pinazzo. She has my mentor, my guide, my mother figure, everything. Papa you are like the best daddy ever, and our wars are epic. Haylee your the perfect sister and complete my nerdness. I love each of you so much!
The Ordinarily Adored Family - Mara Jestyr & Jason Moxing. My daughter who has changed my life, and one of my best friends. She has been with me every step of the way. And of course Jason who is also Cohaku. My real life best friend. I miss you.

Tess Cheri. Jennah Jinx. Tuesday Someday. Callie Hartshon. Sami Galewind. Bella Caeran, Daisy Derryth. Nightmare Popstar. Vivian Peretz. Aussie Flux. Melodic Sonata. Kimchi Aie. & SO MANY MORE! Who have helped me in ways you could never have imagined. My Cabin 3 girlies from Summer Camp '10 (Surfer Girls) and my Cabin 2 girlies from Winter Camp '10 (Snow Princesses) Dolly for giving me a job at Babydolls, Chelsea for giving me a job at CCC. I could honestly go on and on. I've met so many wonderful people in the world of Second Life. Just... thank you so much.

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