Friday, April 1, 2011

LOTD: Sleepy Nights

"Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds."

Good evening everyone! It's been awhile, and I apologize for that. My internet was suppose to be shut off today, but I think they forgot because of the big snowstorm. So I decided to do some last minute posts to part with. I've not been on Second Life much lately, or paid much attention to the new things coning out. But the other day uring one of my brief times on, I was dragged to Chelsea's Childrens Clothes with my God Mami and God sister. I don't usually wear much kids clothes in SL, but when I walked in, I was surprised to see this insanely adorable nightgowns. The fact that one was pink and that I seemed to love it, was ahuge surprise to me. Pink and girly clothes do not go with me! But I was oogling it, and Nana decided to buy it for me randomly... I think it's part of her evil plan to make me dress like a little girly girl... hehe. But I really do love this, and I'm pretty sure I've not taken it off since I got it! I'm so lazy... BLAH! Chelsea really did do a fantastic job on these nightgowns, plus she has so many other new clothes out to and all of them are super cute! I suggest you vist CCC VERY SOON!


Hair: [e] Play - Brown 10
Skin: :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Cupid-Pure 1
Eyes: ~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes - VelvetGreen -
Nightgown: CCC Kaitlyn Nightgown in Pink

*Flails* IT'S SO CUTE! Blah. Now to go to the pose fair... I was able to go on blogger days but I DIDN'T. I WAS TO BUSY! AHHHHH!

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  1. *rubs her hands together and giggles evily* You look pretty in anything you wear but yes that is adorable girly girl.