Sunday, March 6, 2011

Special: National Mustache Day!

"I've grown this mustache which saves me from having to glue on one every day in the heat."

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a supertastic weekend! Sadly though, this weekend is drawing to an end. Blah. BUT today is a bit exciting... or it is for me anyway! My forever mom, has brought to my attention, that today is in fact NATIONAL MUSTACHE DAY! EXCITEMENT! Ok ok... for those who know me, you know how I love to run around with fake mustaches. I almost always have one on, and I have a good amount of pictures to prove it! So you can guess why this day is pretty much the coolest day ever for me.

So since I was so excited about this, I made a pretty picture! I also purpose THIS! I want you all to run off and take a stache picture of your own, and post it HERE 

I wanna see everyones STACHE PRIDEEEE!

Hair: [e] Rush - Brown 10
Shirt: RONSEM* Stitch TEE / black
Scarf: * (Creamshop) Check charm stole (grey) set
Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 - SENTINEL
'Stache: *GlitterTrash* [Mario Moustache]

So go off and find your mustaches! 

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